Useful Links: Financial Support

Below are some funding recommendations available to young artists in need and advisory bodies to help guide you. Summaries are taken from the third party websites. Follow the links for more details around the support available, eligibility and application processes.

Funding Recommendations

Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants
Reopened this year with a budget of £59.8 million available until April 2021 to help fund independent organisations, creative practitioners and freelancers as quickly as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Dance Professionals Fund
The DPF can help dance professionals of all ages, with at least three years experience, whether you need a grant
due to illness or injury, support for everyday living costs or with crisis funding for the unexpected.

Artsadmin’s Artists’ Bursary Scheme
The Bursary scheme offers a maximum of six bursaries to artists working in live art, contemporary performance and interdisciplinary practice. At least three of these Bursaries were awarded to Artists of Colour as part of Live Art UK’s Diverse Actions programme.

Dancers Career Development
Dancers are able to access a range of financial grants, through DCD as well as through their partners in the UK
and abroad, to help support dancers with everything from the practical costs of transitioning into a new career to professional skills development.

South East Dance – The Jamie Watton Fund 2020
Created to support South East based dance artists affected by COVID-19 who have, in many cases, lost almost their entire incomes overnight, in honour of South East Dance’s late Artistic Director & Chief Executive Jamie Watton.

One Dance UK – Trailblazers Fellowships
An annual professional development programme initiated in 2003 to support UK-based dance artists, practitioners, performers, choreographers, dance teachers and researchers working in the field of dance of the African Diaspora.

Stage One Bursaries
Stage One provide financial and practical assistance to help get a production up and running and support the overall development. Through an understanding that mounting your first production can be an intimidating experience they aim to make the process accessible to passionate and dedicated producers, who otherwise may not have the resources to do so.

Royal Academy of Dance – Project B Bursaries
Project B is the RAD’s campaign to celebrate and inspire male dancers. They have established a range of bursaries to support more boys to access dance and men who are thinking of training to become a dance teacher can also benefit from Project B financial support as they believe we also need more male dance teachers as role models.

National Youth Arts Trust
They grant music bursaries, dance bursaries and drama bursaries to talented young people who can’t afford to access opportunities in the arts.

Lisa Ullmann Travelling Scholarship Fund
The aim of this small charity is to provide financial support to individuals who wish to travel abroad or in the United Kingdom to attend a conference, to pursue a research project or undertake a short course of study in the field of movement or dance.

Dance and Drama Awards (DaDA)
You could get a Dance and Drama Award (DaDA) to help with fees and living costs at one of 17 private dance and drama schools.

Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation
Offers a scholarship for one student at nine different dance, music and drama schools/colleges to cover course fees.

Open Door
Helps talented young people who do not have the financial support or resources to gain a place at one of the UK’s leading drama schools. Open Door offer a free 8-month part time intensive course designed to give you what you need to take the next step in your career.

The Society for Dance Research – Ivor Guest Research Grant
Furthering dance scholarship and practice in the UK. In light of the Black Lives Matter Movement, they commit to prioritising the work of dance scholars of colour for funding and support (and to addressing the underrepresentation of BAME people on the Executive Committee).

Equity Charitable Trust
Offer financial support to those who are considering a change of career, have had an adverse change of circumstances or would like debt or benefits advice.

British Council – Theatre and Dance
International funding opportunities for UK artists.

The Royal Theatrical Fund
The Royal Theatrical Fund provides support to those that have worked professionally in the entertainment industry, for seven years or more that are unable to work due to illness, injury or old age. The Fund dispenses more than money; applicants’ needs vary and may not just be financial.

Crowd Funders
Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. Crowdfunding has revitalised the Arts at a time when public programs that support it are depleting, people invest simply because they believe in the project.
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