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a casual and creative resource for those exploring contemporary dance in the South East of England.

Tableau: the art of representing a vibrant and active scene

Able: the power, skill, means or opportunity to do something

Tableau Dance aims to capture the contemporary dance scene, acting as a platform for young dance artists to discuss and discover pathways. A regional audience can gain insight into personal experience and professional opinions on a range of topics. Explore performance reviews, blog posts, interviews and useful links to support your career and interest in dance. 

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(R)Evolution - Actual Size Dance Company

A site specific exploration on the influences of our landscape, strength of group cohesion and the process of reflection.


Michelle Mutuleasa

Dance Scientist 
Festival Producer
Dancer & Choreographer


BLKDOG – Far From The Norm

Choreographic prowess and bold execution combine to offer a dark yet relatable examination of the self.

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